By now we’ve all been vaccinated, cured and/or re-infected 🙄

10 out 10 for getting the message across IMO.

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A refreshing honesty

Or maybe a melancholic fatalism. :thinking:

A lot of people in some countries really aren’t getting the idea that the virus doesn’t care whether you think vaccines contain experimental drugs or microchips, or whether they had resilient immune systems that would just fight it off. Freedom is great, right up until you choose to exercise it, and then discover it’s not such a great plan after all.

The less charitable side of me would sometimes wish those who refused vaccines to be enabled to develop immunity naturally, but that’s not very charitable and they should be protected as far as possible too.

“You can please some of them some of the time, but you cant please all of them all of the time”.

Also take a horse to water but drinking is optional.

Nods as good as a wink to blind anti vaccer. ( with apologies to any vision impaired)

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These people do not seem to get it that although we are now awaiting a fifth wave this is a war against this virus.
In wartime you are either for or against and there are severe punishments for those who are against.
If they and their families die because they have not been vaccinated, so be it, but, meantime those who are being conscientious are paying the price in diminished liberty and economic consequences.
This is a no brainer and the time for freedom of thought has long gone.
Their selfish attitude and mistaken thinking will not be tolerated any more.
We are seeing young lads setting up violent clashes in Europe against authority, just as in Northern Ireland regarding the Brexit problems over the border in the North Sea.
These are not those who are thinking individuals. but those who are getting on the bandwagon because it gives them, in their eyes, a respectable argument for their antipolice/authority argument.


In the context of the thread this article on Auntie is interesting:

Granted that it reads a little like propaganda, never the less the level of UK cases IS remarkably steady, and not what some have predicted. We’ll have to wait & see, but hopefully France will continue to have a relatively low level of cases compared to some other European countries.

Indeed, as the rates of infection in the UK have remained quite high compared to Europe or parts of it.
Will the virus run out of people to infect? Yes even though you have been vaccinated you can still catch it the symptoms are far less the recovery far quicker so less for the virus to climb on to. Whereas other countries may have reduced rates for much longer therefore longer restrictions until people tire of them.

In my view it’s not “brilliant” at all and this is propaganda….

The survival rate is above 99% for most people….

I calculate that by declining the injection I am 100% safe from adverse reactions and 99.8% safe from “covid”

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Sadly though Helen the hospitals are being clogged up by un vaccinated people which of course has a knock on effect for people with other conditions. Now if un vaccinated people were just to stay at home and cure themselves I for one would stand at my gate and give them a clap each Thursday night.


And that’s what I’m doing here for now ….I’m not forcing my presence on anyone and have had everything I need delivered….

I can be 100% confident that I don’t have it so not passing it on and although I’m not prepared to take any of the current injections I have not been anywhere where I may have contracted it or passed it on….once it was discovered that the vaccinated have a higher viral load transmissibility wise then I pretty much avoided all contact so just because I choose not to take it at the moment I can’t be blamed by anyone….

It hurts my heart the division being caused…both myself and my daughter find the pro vaxxers really aggressive

(But as I’m confident I already had it whatever it is in late 2019 early 2020 I feel confident anyway but it would be nice to come across a blood test that would “prove” I have durable long lasting immunity….on one chat forum there was someone living in France who had managed to get a blood test that showed he was still immune months after the natural infection….I want that blood test…and for it to be recognised….)

You are very lucky to be in that position, most of the people I know - including me - can’t just isolate ourselves but have to be out in the world working and food shopping since we can’t work at a distance and deliveries don’t happen everywhere - so we’re inevitably coming into contact with people some of whom may be vulnerable, (and/or we may be vulnerable ourselves).


Have you spoken to your doctor about the test? Not sure what you mean " for it to be recognised" ?

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Very relevant, worth a watch IMO.

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My son and I both had serum Covid antibody tests in July(he had had Covid in January and needed a positive antibody test to enable a pass sanitaire with just one vaccination)
Mine was as a precaution as had had my two Pfizers in Uk with no QR code(temporary resident) and so not recognised here even after a lot of effort on my part and so a way to obtain the PS (which I finally did a few weeks ago when the Antigen tests had to be paid for)So a serum antibody test easily obtainable via Doctolib


A Covid serum antibody test would maybe not prove long standing immunity to Covid if your Covid antibodies have dropped to undetectable levels and I don’t imagine there is a test for the longer lasting T cell response ? ?

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You would need a university lab with access to a FACS (fluorescence actived cell sorting) system that can identify labelled cells - this is not really a typical bit of diagnostic kit that you’ll find in the corner of a big testing centre.

IIRC there were a lot of people who had ‘really bad colds, far worse than anything they had previously experienced’ in late 2019/early 2020 who were all found to be covid negative. There have been some nasty but conventional infections running round until the pandemic put a stop to people spreading the usual seasonal diseases.

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Yes that’s what I’m in search of…a blood test that would show I had the virus late 2019/early 2020….

Maybe I’m searching for the holy grail but currentjy there are now 130 peer reviewed papers (Brownstone Institute) showing that natural immunity is long lasting and durable and superior to vaccine induced immunity…

Thankyou for the reply x

@vero yes I completely understand and know that I am currentjy in an ok position to do what I’m doing and as I keep trying to get across I empathise with everyone globally…

@Corona I’m not sure what I need to ask for yet…:thinking:

As Carol said.