Bye bye EU

Maybe not back in the EU proper, but may move over time to being closer through a re invented version of the Single Market and C Union

Tell me how many general elections have passed when there could have been change but there wasn’t?.

I’m probably going to invoke Godwin’s Law here, by asking if there hadn’t been an enormous program of national education and constant follow-up in Germany post-1945, would we accept that it was OK for people there to hold to their beliefs and logic for their votes during the 1930s?
And that we should just let them get on with it (as rather seems to have been the case in the East)?
I’m not equating the scale of the wrongdoing, but there is precedent for pointing out to people that their previous opinions / beliefs / etc., were wrong, misinformed, etc. and doing so on a national level.

IMHO, if we don’t keep up the effort to connect the dots and make the case that votes have concrete consequences, then one of the biggest scandals perpetrated against the people of the UK will simply pass into the mists of history.


Bizarrely here in the North West a lot of the people I know who voted leave are intelligent articulate folk,well travelled and aware of things (I still think they were crackers mind)

red wall seats !

The UK’s departure from the EU means British drivers snared by speed cameras on roads in Europe will no longer be sent fines. And those Britons, resident in the EU, who return to the UK in foreign registered cars will also avoid fines…just seen on THE web site…well there had to be a rationale for Brexit, won’t be of much relevance to most Brexiters as they hate driving on the wrong side of the road in foreign countries!!!

possibly, but there again - a return to the way the Gendarmerie used to do it… frog march miscreants to the nearest hole in the wall to extract an on the spot fine or leave them by the roadside with no transport when their vehicle is seized :wink:
Oh joy :grin:

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yes, but don’t forget many speed violations are now caught by fixed cameras, its only if you are physically stopped that they can do this,

ha… ever heard of computers John… new fangled devices which can flag up miscreants trying to board ferries back to blighty…

Well thats something new…or was it tongue in Cheek, I don’t really think yet that even with tech they will engage with ferry operators or have G at ports looking go cars that have been caught by a camera so they can collect say €80!.. but maybe I’m being nieve

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Yes, was a bit tongue in cheek (emphasis on cheek) but nothing to do with the ferry operators… la douane would sort it if the car was flagged by radar at the centre in France where all infractions are processed (Nantes?). A somewhat sophisticated joined up system…

Thanks, very interesting reading which I have booked marked…but hope never to need. Pre brexit Brits were getting tickets but no endorsements, now it seems the main risk for them is to actually stopped by a cop with a gun…

ha… reminds me of an issue in the Charente some years back with 2 “fake” m/cycle Gendarmes picking off British reg cars and forcing them to pay on the spot fines 90€ at the time - and they were making considerable amounts of money. They caught them eventually.
In one ex-pat publication, someone mentioned that when they were stopped by a Gendarme on a m/cycle he asked “but how do I know you are genuine?” to which said Gendarme replied “Monsieur, I am the one with the pistolet” with his hand on the weapon… wisely, he paid up without further question! :grin:

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If I was the gendarmerie I would look at the 445,000 fines sent to UK drivers in 2019 (and the possible loss of the 30-50 million EUR of revenue associated with them) and find a way to replace that enforcement action, sharpish.
The ROI on a few checkpoints with license plate scanners, located at the ferry ports and euro tunnel would seem to be very high…