Cahors Prefecture

Just received this on my iPhone. Can anyone help with titre sejour translation. Google says “title stay” Not sure what it is.

Votre titre de sejour, disponible en pref. Taxe a payer. 0000 EUR. Retrait le vendredi. 14h-16h Se munir du passeport, titre sejour, timbres fiscaux.

It’s saying that your residence permit is ready to pick up at the Prefecture It can be collected friday between 14h - 16h.No tax to pay. You need to take with you residence permit (one which has expired maybe, if you have one ?), your passport and money stamps (available at a tabac normally).

What do I need money stamps for?

It depends.

Is there no mention of a fee to pay for the documents ?

I think it depends on the sejour issued, some are payable and some are free. I’ve no idea of your personal situation.

Seems to me you have applied for something which is now ready for collection.

If there was a fee quoted at the application stage - then that is what is due to be paid.

All the information should be available on/by whatever means you made the initial application - I am not aware of any changes to the system.

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Deepl manages pretty well.