Calcaire Limestone Gravel


We have lived in our house (33540) since May 2015. We have an open courtyard next to the barn that will be concreted by our builders at the end of the month-it's full of old roofing tiles so we can't use it for parking at the moment.

Our usual entrance to the back door is via a sloping earth grass & broken tile area. It has been OK but with the recent wet weather & the passage of our car it's getting muddy & slippy. We also park our Hymer Motor-Home in the back garden (whilst the courtyard is out of action) at the moment & it got stuck on the grassy slope before.

I am wondering whether a trailer load or 2 of calcaire that we would spread over the area would quickly do the trick. I usually mow the area so I am not bothered about grass growing through it.

I have several questions.

1. Is it best to get it from a quarry or a bricolage at Duras where I understand they will load our trailer (750kg max)

2. Do I need smaller ones, then larger ones or can I ask for a mix? What do I ask for?

3. Do I have to get a whacker plate or might the levelling & car passage be OK?

Apologies for what are probably daft questions. In the UK I paid others to do the practical stuff! Whole different ball-game over here where cash is getting tighter!



Thanks, Tony, we have loads of them!

Thanks Melissa. Our ground is clay-like a rock in summer & much softer now. Our builders are back in a couple of weeks with their digger. However, I was hoping to do a quick remedial job before they came, if I could, trying to save money-my time is free & obviously theirs isn't! Don't fancy doing any digging out since I hope to keep it fairly natural if I can. The Hymer will be in the courtyard soon & we have 4WD Honda.

Did Chausson deliver or would they load a trailer?



Old roofing tiles broken up make excellant Hard Core.

We got a load of medium stone from Chausson and then smaller stone/dust to go on top but our land is rock so the top soil was just scraped off then the area covered. In fact, one parking area started with the deposit of large rocks. If you are on clay or similar then you ought really to dig down a bit first then add the stone. Cars will level it. Depending on the area it may worth hiring a mini digger for a day. Since May 2015 up until now we have had very hot, drive weather but this may not always be the case, with storms in summer, so I would recommend doing a decent job now outside your backdoor.