Calling 0845 etc in the UK

Hi all.

just thought I'd share this website with those of you who might have inclusive calls to the UK on their phone packages but 0845 etc numbers excluded.

Say No to 0870 has loads of standard phone numbers for oodles of companies that don't always show up in Google searches.

There's nothing worse than wanting to speak to Customer Services In the UK and having to pay for the privilege!

There's even a link to upload numbers that you find which aren't already listed..

Best of all it's FREE!

I never would ring them Mike - if they want to speak to me they can jolly well ring me! If they don't have my number they clearly don't NEED to contact me.

But more seriously - a very fair warning. :)

I used this site a lot when I was living in UK. These days I try to only do business with companies that have a help desk with an email address.

Beware of organization that send you emails from a "do-not-reply" address, asking you to telephone them.

Thanks Trehane - we don't have to call that many UK companies now but my wife has noticed that her bank - who used to put a standard number of overseas callers on her statement - no longer do so.

Super site. Been using it for years. There is even an Android/iPhone app.

Oh and one thing to look out for here: Been looking for an ophtalmalogue and there are a lot of websites (such as or with information that once you click on 'display number' it is an 08 number that will cost you 10 euros for a five minute call!