Calling all architects/engineers - "mur en béton banché"

Hi Folks,
I’ve come across the term ‘mur en béton banché’ and wondered as to its exact meaning. Does it mean that the ‘mur’ in question is a poured in situ reinforced concrete wall or can it possibly mean it is made from reinforced concrete panels i.e. pre-fabricated and somehow joined together on site? And is it something to avoid in a house purchase?

No all’s fine this technique has been used for years.
The concrete is re enforced and usually vibrated too making it very hard.
If you do buy the house, buy a very good drill and bits if you want to drill into any walls.

From my experience of this type of no cavity and therefore no insulation is a higher incidence of damp/condensation and mould issues. If the structure doesnt have insulation inside or out, seriously consider fitting it.

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That takes me back to living with 9-inch thick brick external & party walls - and single-glazed sash windows streaming with condensation. The pity is there are far too many of these things still around.

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