Calling all Artists in TOULOUSE - or to art lovers, writers, photographers

Hello Friends of SURVIVE FRANCE - Toulouse!!

Living in Toulouse is a experience, together we are looking for other artists to establish a Franco - Anglo Artist Community in Toulouse!

Recently, I have been trying to locate where all the artists or art lovers, writers and photographers, and designers are in Toulouse? It could be great to get together with fellow artists to exchange on creativity and art. Put out the call for those who produce, speak English, and love art!

Talking about arts and to exchange creativity!

I'm an easy going person who creates art and connecting people of similar interests.

Find out more about where we are this week - you can reach me at:

Have a great one and see you soon!



We are meeting this Friday on a balmy summer evening in Toulouse. To meet up with the group keep informed at the group page Artist-Community-Toulouse-Anglo-Franco, and no hesitations to send me a message.


Our Artists in Toulouse Page :

Please let me know when you're down we will organize an Art night for you. We have decided to make it Franco - Anglo, this way it's open to any Artist or art lover!! Send people our way once or forall you find moving to Toulouse.

Have a great day!


Looks like you've got a nice thing going on there, we wont have 'registered members' were looking just to have open discussions on your newest projects, the french artist life, gallery vernissage (opening) etc. to name a few topics we can talk about. Artist warming up to creativity!!!

We'll be able to have a bit of outings because the weathers looking up!! I can't wait to meet you.

Hang in tight - see you soon!

Great idea Elena. We are a bit far away from Toulouse (about 2 hours) but here in our little village, Lagrasse, we have 21 registered artists and craft workers including my OH. Good luck!