Calling all expats! New weekly (Eng-Lang) radio show on euradionantes 101.3fm...send me your news, hear chats with expats!

Hello folks,

Well, I’ve finally been given a slot at euradionantes 101.3fm (only a very small one, mind you - 15 minutes max - but that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as the saying goes). So, I’m making the most of those precious 15 minutes to host (in English) chats with expats in a new series under the station’s ‘English for Everyone’ banner. The series is called New Perspectives, hosted by my good self, and will broadcast each Wednesday morning from 09:45-10:00.

The station’s schedule is fairly tightly packed at the moment, but I’m going to hang on in there for a longer slot time, which may happen during the next few months.

So, all I’ve got time for within the parameters of 15 minutes is a chat with an expat about their life & work, and a round-up of news and information - a sort of noticeboard on the radio, so to speak.

I’m rounding up a nice amount of people who are willing to chat, which is fantastic - and I’m also hoping you’ll send me any bits and pieces of info from round the country, that’s worth a mention, too!

I’ve set up an email address for the show, it’s:

From little acorns, mighty oaks grow!

Best wishes,


Hello all,

Just to let you know I am starting up the new English-language radio series entitled New Perspectives on EuradioNantes 101.3FM this week. The show will be broadcast each Wednesday morning 09:45-10:00 and the very first programme (this week: Wed March 9th) will feature an interview with Murray Adams, President & Co-founder of The English Forum in Nantes.

The series will feature interviews with ‘expats’ as well as French nationals, covering a variety of topics and genres. If you would like to be interviewed for the show, or submit your news/ information to it that you think would be useful for listeners, please contact me via this email address:

I hope you can all tune in to the show, but if not, it should be available to listen to afterwards as a podcast on the station’s website:

Kindest regards,

Cate Chambers

Cheers Nick, I’ll be in touch in the near future to arrange a chat - but if you have any notices or announcements you think would be useful for the show in the meantime, email them to:

Kind regards,

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