Calvados Sorbet

Now the die is cast and for us it’s this side of the Channel, we thought our reveillon meal should include a trou normande in homage to our adopted land. Locally it seems to take the form of a sorbet rather than a shot glass of calvados so I thought I’d try making one, courtesy of Larousse.

Just one puzzle though - the recipe says to add 4 or 5 glasses of calva to the mix as it is starting to set. Has anyone else made this? I wonder how big a glass is :thinking: :smiley:

I’ve always found it very hard to get a sorbet or ice cream to set with alcohol in it. It lowers freezimg temperature. So my inclination would be to put very small tots in, but serve with a bigger glass full of calvados on the side.

I must admit it’s years ago I tried to make a sorbet with alcohol and that was a blackcurrant one with creme de cassis. It was less than successful but I like the sound of your solution!

Pop it into one of the covid vaccine fridges, if -60 doesnt set it give up :grin:


I have always seen trou normand presented as a ball of apple and calvados sorbet sitting in a glass of calvados on the same lines as a colonel .


I’d not seen a colonel so had to look it up. Looks rather fun!
(We ended up eating/drinking our trou normande exactly like that in the end…)