Can an infirmerie syringe ears?

Can an infirmerie syringe ears?

My husband has a blocked ear and our Doctor says he has to go to an ORL cabinet to get sorted .

The1st appointment possible in Condom is in June!!! the Auch cabinet aren't answering the phone, perhaps they can't hear it either.

Any recommendations? I am willing to drag him quite far so I can turn the volume sown on the television and stop shouting.

My father was a Pharmacist and I seem to remember him prescribing warm Almond Oil ( or was that for an omlette ?!)

Thats love!

Good job!

I have just been to the pharmarcie in Montreal to ask for something stronger and was sold a "pear" to squirt warm water quickly into the ear instead of using the shower.
4 mins later the most awful amount of wax has been dislodged!! What a difference.
Life can now return to normal.

The shower head probably won't help too much as the water will just trickle in, tiny drop by tiny drop… If you go to A and E, or to a nurse, they should be able to fix it quickly, just say you can't wait because your husband is sound techie!! I don't really understand why the doctor didn't do it herself, they used to do all these things, it seems that GPs are just around to send us to specialists nowadays!

Funnily I had just visited that page.

He's putting doctor recommended drops in, so they should break down/ soften the hard lump. She said she can't see his drum because of the wax so it's not an infection. She was the one who told him to use the shower head. Patient heal thyself!

I don't think water helps until the cerumen is softened. I remember people doing it with olive oil. Have a look hereéboucher-les-oreilles

He's been putting drops in for a month now!

Our Doctor (I am biting my tongue while trying not to swear at her) has syringed my mothers ears in the past but now has a cob on and no longer does that job . Anyone from around Montreal will probably immediately guess the ID of said Doctor. The 1st appointment I have is in Agen on may 5th an improvement on June I guess.

In the mean time we have tried using a syringe / Medicine dropper to wash out the wax with warm water and have now progressed to using the shower head on his ear not full force.

Drops that dissolve earwax for 3 to 5 days; get a syringe… some earwax treatments include one… warm water… you can do it.

Call the doctor and ask him to do it, failing that, ask him to come up with a solution! Otherwise go to the nearest hospital with a stack of reading material and wait there.