Can anyone advise me on what a ‘Déclaration Modèle H1’is all about?


We recently installed a swimming pool in our newly purchased property. We informed the local Marie, the paperwork was completed and the project went ahead. I recently read a discussion thread about signing off on a building project and completing the above mentioned form. Do you have to sign off on a pool and is this Declaration part of the Tax Fonciere calculation?

Many thanks

Yes, taxe d'amé's a back-door tax that has to be paid (in two tranches) for planning permission on new builds, extensions, and most other major works and is disproportionately (and horrendously) high for swimming pools (in-ground), static caravans and tents(??)

Déclaration Modèle H1 is most important, and needs to be updated. Only include the size of the pool - i.e. if 8 x 4, then 32m². I made the mistake of trying to second-guess the area which was paved round the actual pool. Taxe Fonciere may not be heavy to begin with, if your building/refurbishment project is as new as you suggest, there is some breathing space for new projects, but H1, as Clare Smith says, is necessary to update all records, including taxes in the future.

FYI Suzanne is quite correct about Taxe fonciere, although a word of warning, we didn't build our pool, it was done by the previous owner and when we purchased the house the notaire picked up all the constructions that had no planning permission and the previous owner was made to apply for retrospective planning with a clause that, if it was not accepted, that was our get out for not completing the purchase.

Hi is your pool above or below ground? Did you have planning permission for the pool? The H1 form also changes the calculation for your taxe foncieres I believe…I’m not looking forward to the impact of submitting ours. FYI we had to pay a charge for having a swimming pool on our planning permission (we then removed it as we can’t put one in yet)

Try this

When any building project has been finished you should complete one of these and send to the prefecture so that they can update the property records and the plan cadestral.