Can anyone clarify the rules on plumbing + electrical work?

Hello everyone, I’m just wondering what certificates you need on plumbing and electrical work in France in order to be able to resell a house later on. I’m in the Landes area. Also, does the plumber/electrician have to have specific qualifications and what are they?

I’d be grateful if anyone has already been through this and has advice to give. Thank you!

You have diagnostics done when you are about to put a property on the market.
If a plumber or electrician is registered as a plumber/electrician, you can assume they have the necessary qualifications or they would not have been able to register. Check that they actually are registered as plumber/elec and not as a handyman or something. Also check that they hold the correct obligatory insurance.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful! So the thing to look out for is whether or not they are registered within France?

Definitely you always need to check that, because it is illegal to pay an unregistered service provider. Unlike in some countries, in France it is the client who uses illegal labour that is prosecuted and fined, not the person who is working on the black. It is your responsibility to check that they are registered and it is in your own interests to check that they are correctly registered for the service you are asking them to provide.
Every legit service provider has a siret number and there are websites where you can check out their registration. This is one of the easiest to use


Yes - just make sure (as Sandcastle suggested) they are registered for the type of work you want them to do!

As already stated by others, yes, absolutely.
However, evidence of their professional assurance is equally important, if not more so in terms of selling the property within ten years of the work being done. The biggest thing to watch for is that their stated main trade is actually the major part of their assurance cover. You don’t want a painter & decorator doing your structural work…