Can anyone else beat this for Something totally Mad?

We have just received a letter from ENEDIS telling us that they will be contacting us shortly to install a Linky Meter, or we can call them to arrange a convenient time.
They will only want to spend about 30 minutes in our home.
Presumably these people will come on from someone else’s home where they have only spent 30 minutes.

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Presumably the RDV will be for a time/date when the restrictions have been lifted.
Life goes on and there is no reason to stop planning ahead so not mad at all IMO just sensible business planning.

There is no mention of that at all. It is a standard letter , probably sent out without one hand not knowing or caring what the other is doing.

Computer says no…


Our letter said beginning of March. Nothing at all has happened since.

You could try coughing a lot when they phone to arrange the appointment. :slight_smile:

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I think it is more than likely if I gave them a date five years from now,I do not want a Linky, they would object.

Making dates in these difficult times when, more than likely, the rendezvous would have to be changed seems a waste of time and effort.

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Please see my previous post.
I posted from my I Pad, but it doesn’t seem to have reached here.
We have had no 'phone line since the 15th December.