Can anyone help me sell my house?

I've got a fabulous house with very sound barns sitting in a fantastic organic orchard 2 Km from the Lot in lovely country side for not very much money, what I don't have is an agent willing or able to do much about it- they're hopeless, the bloody lot of them!

Anyone got a line on someone who can and will do anything so that I can move on?

I know it's still not a good time to sell but 235,000's worth of 4 bedroom characterful gorgeousness didn't ought to take 2 years to shift - there's no catch, nothing hidden, it's all as good as it sounds.

Have a look for yourself.

No more Orpi, downwith Century 21 ..... help!!!!

Hi.. Can I just ask are you leaving the Dordogne and Harveys??? Regards Christine

Hi Sean, I deal with an agent who I trust and believe me there are not many around. She is independent and will be with the client from start to finish, the buyer will not have to worry about anything - she takes care of everything. She is based in the Lot-et-Garonne and I have all her properties on my site She is British, has lived in France for 20+ years and speaks French fluently. I have several clients who are selling their properties, all through her. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you her details. PS: Just had a good look at your home, it's lovely. Just the sort of thing we are looking for, but we need to sell our house first. We are on the River Lot, 2km outside Aiguillon. Sandra

Hi Happy New Year,Ok just a s a suggestion look @ place your add, not too much out lay,We have had a fab response for our home here in the Dordogne,not gone yet,quality interest,should go shortly Good Luck

Try Jacwood Estates , they sold our gîtes for us, very helpful and well organised.

Have you tried or We’ve had our property on for a couple of days and 2 enquiries already.


contact me on my mail please