Can anyone help?

My driving instructor wants his 17 year old son to go to england to learn better english, he did have somewhere to stay but the lady has had to pull out for personal reasons.

He will need to find a job, the familyu are willing to pay for his keep, until he gets some income of his own. He will stay for about a year (a long time so it will need to be somewhere where there is enough space!)

Please can anyone help as he is meant to be going in September!

We are looking for people with a basic knowledge of the french language not too good as he is apparently “lazy” and will speak french if he knows they can speak french!

Please contact me if you, or someone you know can help.

Thank you

cant help sorry but just a suggestion ther eare loads of exchange sites on the web, get your friends to have a look and one last thing he would be better off in a house that does not know french ,that way he has to speaky the eenglishhh
good luck