Can anyone identify this please?

It’s a shrub I bought at a recent plant fair - one of quite a few since I got carried away - and I can’t find the label. The variety was called something like Pink Fairy - could have been Fee - but I ought to recognise the foliage and can’t. Anyone else got one?

Silk tree?

Albizia julibrissin,


Thank you, Sue! I must admit it does look a bit like that but the chap said it was a shrub rather than a tree so I was hoping it wouldn’t get that big!

That will teach me not to do impulse buying :roll_eyes:

Or perhaps Pink Fairy Duster (Calliandra eriophylla)

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Thanks Fleur. I’d not heard of that one either! I think the one I have is more of an upright habit but the flowers are very similar… perhaps I need to just plant it somewhere spacious and see whether it goes up or out :laughing:

You’re right. :slight_smile:

It’s really good to be able to consult experts like you and @fleur, @SuePJ !