Can Anyone let me know where to find out about tariffs after Brexit

I do the brocantes and vide greniers several times a year in France and normally bring back a full car full of vintage sheets and lighting for my on-line business. I have tried to find my way through the government website but can find nothing relating to tariffs, or vintage items.
If there is anyone who does the same sort of thing could they point me in the right direction as I don’t want to get back to Calais to find out that I have to pay export/import duty. All my stuff is vintage.
TIA Lisa

Well in theory if you have been importing goods for your business you should have been declaring them anyway, as need to show that VAT had been paid in country of origin, or that you are within VAT threshold. It is only goods for personal use that are unrestricted.

If there is a no deal Brexit this is what has been issued as guidance

Not sure

Start here to work out the appropriate commodity code

Then maybe here to work out the WTO tariff.

Not sure to what extent “vintage” comes into it.

However, Lisa wants to export from the UK and import to France.

I’m not sure that is what she is asking @anon88169868

I take that to mean she gets to Calais (where UK Border Force/Customs are in place for Dover/UK bound traffic)…

I read it that Lisa buys in the UK and sells in France.

Perhaps the OP will elucidate…

I think the phrase “bring back” implies she’s buying in France and selling in UK.

I buy second hand old linen sheets and 1950s French Chandeliers in France to bring back to the UK.
I have done this for 10 years now and never had to try and work the mine field that is the government website as we just go through customs as normal even after being inspected i.e. no to declare on both the UK and French customs, told of the years that there was NO duty to pay on 2nd goods but I want to confirm this for after brexit.

Ah sorry about misreading your post. There has been no duty because UK and France are both in the single market. This will change and if you are trading commercially there will be duty and vat to pay.

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and could also be for many bringing stuff back privately…

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I have recently read that duty free allowances are planned to be reintroduced on alcohol and cigarettes (that really plays well with health messages to cut down drinking and smoking doesn’t it?). Plus a limit of £390 of all other goods.

I can just imagine 150,000 pensioners turning up at Dover having to move back to England with suitcases of receipts to show they have paid VAT on all their personal goods in their removal vans. That would keep a few hundred customs officers busy for a while…


Perhaps that’s where the mantra “we’ll all benefit from brexshit” comes from - “more jobs, better economy…” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Jane,
Where did you read this as I would like to read it.

They never went away - in the sense that if travelling from outside the EU, for example the USA you could import a limited amount (16 litres of beer, 4 litres of wine, 1 litre of spirits etc) without paying UK customs duty & VAT as you brought in into the country (for personal use, obviously).

The government has made a thing of the fact that moving out of the EU will mean a return of the “duty free allowance” but I think that is rather disingenuous because it fails to point out that I can bring much larger quantities of duty paid alcohol/tobacco without paying again as I cross back into the UK. It has to be for personal use (because selling alcohol or tobacco needs a licence) but the allowances are very generous - 90l (which is 120 bottles) of wine, for example.

Eg - today I can call at the supermarché, pick up a couple of dozen bottles of wine (18l) stick it in the boot and think nothing more about it until I unpack it at home.

Post Brexit I can go to that self same supermarché and buy 6 bottles (4l) of wine. There will be no simple way of not paying duty & VAT because I’m going to “export it” so no saving there and - whoop-de-doop I can bring it back to the UK with no fuss.

But if I want to bring back more, not huge quantities, just the couple of cases that I used to bring back I’m not sure it will even be possible without things getting hugely complicated

To try to push the “return of duty free” as a “benefit” of Brexit is simply a con.


Yup - given that mostly “duty free” is more expensive than you can often get in your average UK supermarket!

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Yup indeed!

If referring to duty free - see above, it’s just that the standard (and rather miniscule) allowances will apply to the EU in the same way that they currently apply to non-EU countries because we will no longer be in the single market.

It was an article in the Independent, but can’t remember the date. Sorry.

If the objects you import are works of art, there are special considerations. Most “second hand” stuff is probably covered by the limit on personal object import value that the government has said it will set. I seem to recall that this would be somewhere in the region of £350 (others have replied something similar), which is pretty much in line with, say, Switzerland. Anything above that will normally require a customs declaration and possibly even an import licence if it is a regular activity. I find it incredible and unconscionable that the UK gov has provided b**g*r all really useful and concrete information for stuff like this.