Can anyone recommend someone to install a pool in Charente, near Cognac?

Of course. I can send you some pictures if you like…

Elizabeth Wilson

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Just noticed your Post Tim… very helpful, as I was trying to find out what would be the correct registration for a Pool Installer …

Aqua Creations in Saintes have cleared up that mystery (for me, at least)…

"Activité (Code APRM) : Installation de piscines de résidence et construction de piscines non couvertes (4399DA) "


Aqua Creations are part of the Hydro Sud group dotted around over France, I sometimes use them to, the owner my way is quite friendly.

Quick question re pool size and tax implications, apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere. We’ve been informed by the owner of a gite we stayed at that a lot of people go for a 10 x 5 pool (actually say 49.5 sqm with rounded corners) as once you reach a 50 sqm threshold you are liable to a far greater tax liability. Those in the know is this correct? If so is the increased rate significant say for a 12 x 6? Also would things like externally built steps if you built them be included within the 50 sqm (assume they would) ?

Mark… I suggest you read the tagged thread from top to bottom…
and speak with your Mairie… they will be able to advise you what-is-what… :thinking: you’ll need to do paperwork there in any case, so chat beforehand…