Can I add English Subtitles to french TV programme?

As it says in the title just an odd question, there is a French program that I was telling a USA friend about, she said it's a shame my French isn't good enough to be able to watch it. If she is in the Us and can watch on catchup or streaming TV ie filmon or something is there a widget/ app that allows English subtitles? Just a thought.

I will have a look at the remote the next time I am allowed to be in charge of it!!!

Most TV remote controls have an audio toggle, which should allow you to switch between the various available audio channels available for any given TV program. The same is true of the subtitle button. Unfortunately, only a few programs on French TV are actually broadcast in more than one language, generally US TV series, and then only at certain times. As to whether or not English subtitles are provided, this has not been, at least in my experience, generally the case for French programs.

If you don't have the toggle buttons on your remote, you might have to fiddle with TV configuration via its built-in menu system.

Since our French TV reception vanished irretrievably I have forgotten exactly how we did it, but there are quite a few channels that do version multilangue (VM) of a lot of programmes. We used to run through the menu every time as I remember it, because nobody actually remembered precisely how to do it. It is there if you search. It may seem silly, but we used to do it for dubbed originally English programmes to see how the subtitles compared with what we remembered if we had seen it and how they corresponded with the dubbed spoken words. It was often hilarious. For all of that, it is probably a superb aid for people learning French. Given the main channels are available on Filmon, Zattoo and so on I imagine they are there to find.

Not great help, but perhaps it will encourage you to delve into the menu maze. Best of luck!