Can I check how much electricity I am getting?

Slightly odd question .
Is there any way of finding out how much electricity we are actually getting as opposed to what we should be getting?
One of our polishing machines which runs on a transformer from single to triple phase is running in an odd way and having tested everything else I can’t help wondering if due to the damp autumnal weather we are not getting the 30-60amps our meter say we should get.
Just trying to eliminate a possibility.

Good question, odd way how?

I think - If your single phase transformer tried to draw more amps than the main breaker allows, it would trip.

So I think your supply is probably fine, more likely a fault elsewhere.

It’s a vibratory polishing machine and normally when fully loaded at a specific speed it turns in a certain way and at a certain speed that I know is right to load the items into. As of yesterday it’s rolling forward ( away from me) at one end of the rectangular machine and towards me at the other end while the middle is nearly static and to achieve this I am running it at 3 points above it normal running speed at normal speed it’s barely moving and all the pieces are knocking against each other.
It’s been running fine for about 10 years apart from last year when we had a separate and unrelated electric burn out ( cable) problem.

I was thinking I am actually getting less electric than I should which is making the machine run oddly.

Maybe something came loose, sounds like it’s unbalanced. No idea really though!

Those were the 1st checks i made . Media weight fine. filter unblocked correct amount of counter weight(water) but no dice.
On the plus side the machine has now decided to behave itself !! It’s been on since 8am and at 12.30 it decided to work as per usual. Perhaps the fact it’s lunchtime has cheered it up.
There was an electricity jump at about 11.45 when the other machine which is more sensitive to current fluctuations flicked off. Perhaps that’s when they switched us over to a different dynamo.

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