Can I run my UK based business from France?

Hi everyone. Myself and my husband are planning to relocate to France. I am currently self employed, I own a pet services business that I wish to still continue running in the UK by my employed staff while I continue to manage them/the business, just from France rather than the UK. From what I understand already, this would mean that I would be on an entrepreneur/liberal profession visa- is this correct? And has anyone else moved/is moving with the same set up? It’s been hard to find information for such a specific arrangement. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!

Aren’t you then letting yourself in for French social charges etc? I think if you are in France running your business then it’s considered a French business, but I’m sure someone more clued-up than I am will tell you.

It is slightly complex. The simplest solution is to bring in a manager of the business and just take passive director’s dividends. There are ways that this can be done within the rules.

Otherwise if you are working for the business while physically in France then the business will have to be registered in France and pay tax and social charges here. And you will need to get a visa (eg the entrepreneurial one) that allows you to work if you do not have european nationality. Which if the business is profitable will be a matter of preparing a business plan and getting it approved. But your business will be less profitable as the taxes and charges here are higher than the UK.

This link not the right one, as for staff not an owner, but gives you an idea of the complexity. You need to work through the implications very carefully.

A paragraph from a guidance note for people wishing to move to France:

“Running a business from France

If you carry out the effective management of your business from France, the French authorities may consider that you have a French business and could treat it as such by demanding all the relevant French taxes (corporation tax, VAT, personal income tax) and welfare contributions (for you and any staff).

You may also be fined heavily for being considered as evading French taxation. We would strongly advise you take advice before considering running your UK business from France.”