Can I try to sell my car on this site?

Hi, I am relatively new to this site, but have lived in the Grenoble area for 2 years now and am trying to sell my car. Can I advertise that here? Apologies if this is a misuse, disregard details below. -Lisa

(2010 5 seater silver Citroen C3 with retractable interior roof, standard transmission, Diesel engine has 91,000 k. Asking 4800 Euros which is Argus value, but also adding snow tires, snow chains and ski rack as there are a few minor superficial scratches. Pictures available!)

Yes you can! Any photos?

OK, Great! Yes, I do have photos, thanks for asking!

Also, rear seat folds down in sections, opening to trunk, for better storage options.


Have you sold your car Lisa?