Can I work in the UK with my french sejour visa

I have a sejour visa card for france (married) that states I can work in France - can I work in the uk with that or do I need to apply for a work visa in the UK? I am guessing that’s the case.

Hi - what nationality/ies are you?

Hello Leise K … Yes, as Simon says, it would be helpful to know your nationality…:thinking:

Please could you amend your Registraton Page to give your full name…as per our T&C.
If you aren’t sure how to do that… simply give us your full name here and I can amend the Page for you…:relaxed:

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You’ll need a work visa for the UK. Your French visa won’t be accepted. Lots of info online.

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Thanks Simon - and I’m guessing at my age that wont happen. They usually only accept Australians for work visas if they are under 30. That sure is not me.
I can in work in France with my carte de sejour. Anyway I am just checking things out. Seeing what my options are.
Have a great week
L :slight_smile:

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Hi @bettymaree Lisa

What kind of work are you currently involved in?
What line of work would you be considering in the UK ??

I have a post graduate Diploma of Art (museums and collections) to work in museums, galleries and archives etc. I am a high school teacher for visual arts and photography - and an artist and photographer - I’m not actually working per se - I work for myself as an artist in my little studio as I have a contract with a gallery in Rome. I was just putting my feelers out if I decided to leave the situation here in France.