Can it get any worse....snipers firing on a hospital?

One person killed, many children wounded after Israeli snipers target al-Quds hospital, says Palestinian Red Crescent

The Red Cross statement calling for the protection of patients, healthcare workers, medical facilities in Gaza comes as the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PCRS) said Israeli forces opened fire on the intensive care unit at al-Quds hospital in Gaza City.

One person was killed and 28 others were wounded in sniper fire by Israeli forces at the hospital, the organisation said.

The majority of the injured were children, it said, two of whom are in critical condition*

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It’s getting to the point I don’t know who or what to actually believe anymore :worried::pleading_face::unamused:

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Snipers have telescopic sights, they know who they are shooting aren’t Hamas fighters. This is terrorism.

I think the Red Cross is relable.

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Simply pure evil.

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It wasn’t the Red Cross it was the Palestine Red Crescent Society, who seem to have walked back on that at the moment, it’s semantics, innocent people are being killed no matter who is doing it, both side need to stop but we know that’s not going to happen without outside real pressure which looks to be in real short supply.
I don’t believe either side anymore, both have been shown to use any dirty trick they can and everyone is expendable to achieve their targets/objectives, Hama’s using their own people basically as expendable shields and as far as Israel is concerned if they have to go through civilians to get to Hama’s they wil, everything go so it seems :rage:

“Can it get any worse?” Of course it can and it often has. And may in this case, too.

What’s the point of this question? All not involved, from whichever p.o.v, are appalled, anguished and wish it was within their power to bring an end to it.

But we haven’t and we can’t.

Nothing of the material that I sent to the world’s media outlets had any beneficial effect on the outcome of the conflict in Afghanistan, from that day [1988] to this. Some of the funding for my work came from the U.S. State Dept.

In fact, once the US had switched the good guys [those killing Russians] into the bad guys [the Taliban] things got worse.

" and it often has." I will give an example.

When the Japanese over-ran Singpore in 1942 …

‘During the fighting and immediately afterward, civilians were murdered, enemy soldiers decapitated, prisoners burnt alive, hospital patients slaughtered where they lay](’

The Japanese rampaged thru the Queen Alex, where my mother served as theatre Sister after the liberation and then again when my father was posted to S/pore in 1953, shooting medical staff and bayoneting patients in their beds.

She was part of the medical team that went into the notorious PoW camps at Changi … twenty years later, on approaching the owner of a house we had gone to view, the first thing she said was, “You were a Japanese PoW, weren’t you?”

I don’t know what satisfaction or relief it gives to anyone reflecting, in public, on their thoughts and feelings about a situation such as Gaza. For my part, it only adds to the feeling of helplessness and distress. That is the reason I do not read the reports and, this being an exception, threads such as this.


TBH it would help if new press and media articles were appended to existing threads on Gaxa. It would lead to less of a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Ditto Ukraine for that matter.

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I know what you mean, but I think we should overwhelmed. Just tagging new atrocities on the end of a thread seems more like a chat, it’s too easy to become innured :frowning:

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Are we then not part of the problem? I know I feel guilty I’m not doing something, I just don’t know what to do. I’m sitting here, cosy, getting on with my life when a genocide is happening not too far from me. I know what’s happening is haunting me all the time. I’m sure less so for others. That’s fine.

No we are not. You are subject to guilt by association via news report.

I repeat the paradigm of this process, “Bus falls into ravine in Bolivia. 34 killed.”

Current affairs and reportage is a central element in ‘First World’ culture. It is an enormous machine which spews out ‘news’, regardless of its relevance to the audience.

It is certain that there are hundreds of millions of people out there who have no inkling of what is happenening in Gaza. You are no more ‘part of the problem’ than they are.

Simply knowing about something does not automatically include one amongst those responsible for the events/situation or their resolution.

Of course, one can support those who are trying to deal with the problem. We’ve all written to MPs about things that we feel they should attend to.

One can take to the streets. I was one amongst thousands who marched to the US Embassy in 1969 in protest against the Vietnam war. It did not one whit of good. The solution lay elsewhere.

If this is haunting you and you are not doing anything to solve the problem - it is not remotely within your capability to do so - why do you persist in allowing yourself to be drenched in the misery of the reports ?


I couldn’t disagree more, but that’s OK :slightly_smiling_face: In my own small way over the last half century I have contributed to outing the Irish Catholic Church for the foul organisation it is (not an easy position to take in the day) and in arguing against violence in Northern Ireland, once again, awkward at times when “up the Ra” was a usual chant in rural Ireland. My contribution may have been infinitesimal, especially in NI case, but I still made it. My wife and I would have flown to London for today’s march except it didn’t occur to me until this morning :roll_eyes:

I have good friends that take your view, who shrug their shoulders and move on, and I probably did so too when I was too busy working. But now I can’t just turn a blind eye to this outrage. Every little helps.

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I think if the forum were your property then you could reasonably continue your efforts to ensure that visitors were overwhelmed. But it’s not - we all share and contribute in community, and I’ve certainly found myself withdrawing from participation over this.

Nobody wants to stop you posting, but also not to saturate the forum.


Well you can post other content then! The site is community led so what the community posts / interacts with takes precedence.


I’m not trying to saturate the forum AM. I just think genocide deserves due consideration.


Its called ego stroking, a common symptom of Guardianism.

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Not helped by one way traffic on here

What don’t you bloody say something then :joy:

No I will not say what you want me to in order to have a go. Not necessary. Think this is upsetting you far too much you are perhaps losing perspective. Youhave as much said yourself you are so depressed by the news you cannot get on with your life properly. Maybe time to stand back for your own health

A good deed in a naughty world.