Can my friend find a mortgage in France

I think this would be regarded as a business loan rather than a mortgage, very different criteria.
The bank would certainly want to scrutinise his business plan and his own history.


I really don’t think any of us are wanting to be in any way disheartening or dismissive of your friend’s wish to setup in France… even if you might be thinking we are…

It is because we have seen so many folk make a wrong decision, that we suggest other ideas… and to take things slowly.
France is nothing like UK in so many, many ways.
It really is worth your friend taking the time to check things out before plunging in.

But whatever decision is made, I wish every success and happiness.


I would imagine that he has the ability to offer a decent buisness plan.
His partner is French speaking so he would have help in that direction.Ok it would not be easy for him but staying in UK may not be the answer.
Thank you every one