Can people from red listed countries WITHIN EU come into France?

I know that the red, amber, green colours make a big difference in travel between EU and non-EU countries (sorry Paul).

However am I correct in thinking that if you have your pass sanitaire (or a recent PCR test) you can come and go across borders within the EU for any reason?

Holland has just turned red and we have some panicking (vaccinated) Dutch guests due. The French governments sites are not helping make the situation crystal clear!

Does anyone know?

We too Jane!

I thought that was the whole purpose of the digital pass sanitaire, but am having doubts as to whether EU countries can close borders to other EU countries… :pleading_face:

In emergencies I think that they can - did not several countries apply restrictions at the height of infections last winter?

Do you have a reference to France treating the Netherlands as “rouge”?

It was the soon-to-be-guests that told us, so we assumed that was accurate…

Looks like it is. Map was updated yesterday

Yes, but that’s just rates, not info about travel categories & restrictions.

On that basis Spain has been “red” for some time.

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I guess it depends on how individual countries respond to the information. I certainly know my future guests were concerned earlier in the week that Holland was about to go red and how France might respond to that. They are fully vaccinated but the issue might be their teenage children who have only had one vaccination so far.

Eek didn’t realise it was so bad over there, I think another talk with the 20 year old son living there may be in order!

Not seen any official announcements by French gov. Even for Spain, the French health minister could only strongly advise people not to go, but not outright ban them if they are double vaccinated or test negative. That would put the whole EU Covid health pass system into disarray unilaterally.