Can’t find my address online

So I moved in my new house some weeks ago and now was going to order internet to my house and on orange homepage it can’t find my address when I put it in can’t even find it on google it’s not a new house it’s been here for at least 300 years I get my post here no problem at all so I wonder what the problem can be

Some addresses can be difficult to find on line.
Are you in a lieu dit for example - can your local Mairie throw any light on your correct address?
Why not speak to the Orange English speaking helpline (if your French is not that good)?

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We had a similar problem. The orange it would not find the address, 2 houses in the hameau are under 1 village. All the others under a second. I kept trying until I found an address that would fit, I also used the previous occupants phone number to test the line eligibility, that worked.
Our LD is Villedieu, Ville Dieu or Ville-Dieu, Sainte Scolasse or Laleu! Sometimes drivers delivering struggle.


I don’t have any neighbors closest are 1 kilometer away

Very useful if they will phone to confirm/ask where you are…

Often happens, the phone rings… “where is your house”…
and I reply… it’s right opposite where you are standing… I can see you from my window… (the only house there, as it happens)… :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:

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If they can find people half way up a mountain in the remotest parts of the world perhaps what3words might be a solution…

If you can find your house on Google Maps, try zooming in and place the little street view man in the road outside. If you can rotate the view so that you can see your house, it should tell you the address.

I find Geoportail (the French govt map site) to have better quality information than google. If you have a lieu-dit name, try putting that into the geoportail search box. Then if your lieu-dit comes up on the map, right click on it and you get a drop down menu with the coordonées, these are lat/long numbers and pinpoint your place exactly. Put those into google and it will find your land, even if there is no house shown on it.

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I forgot about geportal thanks street view don’t work here my property has private road to it

No luck with geoportal

When I did the search on geportal I got the same adress as my closets neighbor so put that in one orange homepage but then it told me a number was already in use for that property of course because they live there I’m going mad with this crap

What did the previous occupants do?

I don’t now they left me with house that was supposed to have fixed roof second night in the house the rain started coming in if you understand me

Have you got a large letter box outside your home, with your name clearly marked??

that is how delivery folk can differentiate one house from another…
and if you ask at your Post Office… they should be able to tell you what your postal address is.

Several houses can share the same address… and it is the Letter Box which is the final decision maker…

Yes I have that have no problems getting my post but my address doesn’t come up on orange homepage ore google

I agree with Stella. Had this happen this afternoon. Delivery van stops just as I’m emerging from our farm track. The driver’s looking for a “Madame F”. I ask him if he has a lieu-dit and he says the name of ours. I tell him the house on the other side of the field, back up the way he’s just come also has the same lieu-dit name. He shakes his head. I say the property is owned by Monsieur K. He nods his head. At this point the neighbours opposite the entrance to our farm track come out and there is further discussion as to whose house is/isn’t in the same lieu-dit. Their’s isn’t, even though it’s much closer to us than Monsieur K’s. I suggest Madame F is Monsieur K’s “other half” these days. The neighour smiles and shrugs. The delivery man shrugs. Her name isn’t on the letter box. If it’s not on the letter box she’s not going to get her delivery. In theory we now have street names and numbers, but most people still rely on the lieu-dit and the name on the box. Not sure how that helps you Martin if you need to put an address on-line.
What is on your electricity/water contracts? They have to be able to get to check your meters and send you bills, even if most of it is online these days.

If your commune is not yet organized with the “new” addresses (and our commune has been working on it for nearly 2 years now and still not got it sorted)

Then your address is that as from the Post Office… and also on your Deeds
another useful place to find the address is to look at your driving licence, possibly… anything legal which has to bear your address…

Your Declaration of Revenu… Avis des Impots… Taxe d’habitation … here again, your address will be given.

almost a thousand and one ways of finding your address… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Only lived here 3 weeks don’t have any of that get

When I first moved in I told the post lady in person what house a live in

what about Water, Electricity… and are you on the Electoral Roll for voting ???

loads of stuff to do when you move house, so you’re probably too busy… but all these things do involve knowing where you live…

presumably there was something on the documents when you bought or rented… whatever… :laughing: :laughing: