Can’t get rid of BBC onscreen message

For the last two days half our TV screen has been obscured by this message. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

I presume that you have pressed all likely looking buttons?

Is this a set top box or dual-tuner TV, what model?

It looks as if your set-top box might not support HD transmissions in which case the easiest answer is to install an HD box


Quite - though the message suggests that the SD service is still available, so you’d think you could get rid of it - for now.

I agree - but the BBC can sometimes work in mysterious ways…

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Only sometimes?

The solution is to switch to a HD-capable tuner, or, if your tuner is already HD capable, search for the Beeb channels which are broadcast in HD. It is a pain though, as we currently have both, and until the Beeb finally turn off the SD broadcasts, I inevitably end up selecting the wrong ones and get the same annoying message (user keyboard error on my part though with the remote).

The simple answer is you need a new HD box.

The longer answer is the intention is to be unmissable - so warnings are getting bigger. There won’t be SD for BBC now everyone knows… It’s not subtle

On our box if we get this message watching live tv pressing another button gets rid of it. This will work in the short term but eventually you will need an HD box.

(You cannot get rid of the message if the program is recorded)

We have HD capable box, and HD capable TV so I will have to search for the HD channels I guess they’ll be there somewhere. . Thanks all.

It sounds as if you have the correct kit so go into the set top box menus and find and execute the automatic tuning. All should then be well :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love the way techie people say “just go……execute “ as if it were like brushing one’ teeth. :grinning::grinning:

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:grin: :grin: :grin:

“You’re gonna need a bigger dish…”

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If you can tell me exactly which satellite box you have I’ll see if I can find the relevant menus and buttons to push!

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It’s ok, I am not a total numpty. But it is not instinctive and I stare at things for a while before I realise what I’m looking at.

It’s called a TV Jane, I’m joking :yum::grin: