Can UK cancel Brexit and stay in EU?

(Brian Wheeler) #21

My understanding is that we can’t even ask the European Parliament to withdraw our article 50 submission without a UK act of parliament first reversing the decision to submit it. As it is now on the statute book an act of Parliament is required to withdraw article 50. There simply is not enough time to do this, or to arrange a second referendum because these things take a great deal of time to organise. We really are in uncharted territory here, the UK’s future will hang on a knife edge and the vote in Parliament is probably one of the most significant in recent history. Personally I hope the outcome is we get to stay in as sometimes it really is better to stick with what you know. But it is just for my own selfish and personal reasons and I don’t think anyone is right or wrong in this debate, it comes down to personal choices and beliefs. And everyone has to agree to accept that for the country to moved forward in future. I just hope whatever the outcome it’s not as bad as the predictions make out.

(Brian Wheeler) #22

I’m not a labour supporter it has to be said however I agree Hilary Benn is a great statesmen and very eloquent speaker. And he talks a lot of sense most of the time.

(stella wood) #23

Personally… I wonder if enough Truth has become known… to enable anyone to make the “correct” decision.

If the answer is yes… it is now known absolutely… what will be best for UK… then the MP’s should have the guts to follow the path… in whichever direction it points… but it would take a brave and honest person to make such a decision… and where will we find one of those… let alone enough to make a difference… .:thinking:

(Paul Flinders) #24

All true but I suspect that if there was sufficient political will it could be made to happen.

The EU has hinted it would accept an extension to the A50 process for a political process in the UK such as an election or further referendum.

The thing which would take more time than we have available would almost certainly be agreeing the question to put on the ballot paper, should a referendum somehow become the preferred option.

(Peter Goble) #25

I like the distinction you seem to make between “enough truth” and “absolute truth”, Stella. I don’t think that there is any scope for finding absolute truth, and our energies are best employed in determining how much information; of what ascertainable quality; and with what degree of appropriateness to the situation in hand, is available in a timely fashion.

In other words, we have to work it out. There are no short cuts, no simple answers. We live in an uncertain world and need to learn to live creatively with uncertainty, because certainty is a unicorn, an imaginative cul-de-sac, best suited to a children’s illustrated reader.

(stella wood) #26

I think you and I are asking far too much of the government and those in high places… :thinking::neutral_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(David Martin) #27

I just heard him on Radio 4. He seems fine to me.

(Brian Wheeler) #28

I agreed Paul hopefully sense will prevail

(Graham Lees) #29

Spineless bunch of tw*ts… wouldn’t trust them to walk my dog, not that I even have one :disappointed_relieved:

(Peter Goble) #30

You’re right, Stella. I quite often read my own comments back to myself a week or so later and can’t make much sense out of them myself! :thinking::joy:

It’s the herpes talking shi*gle. :jeans::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(John Withall) #31

The absolute truth will be written by the victors as it has always been

(Jerry Jones) #32

This is a report on the proceedings in the CJEU by Jo Maugham, the QC who brought the case. He says the EU Commission and EU Council agree that it is revocable, but we have not yet had the court’s findings:

(Paul Flinders) #33

Apparently the Advocate General thinks we can unilaterally withdraw.

His advice is followed in 75% of judgements

As I said I’m not sure I read A50 that way but it is welcome news (and his opinion rather trumps mine in this matter :slight_smile: ).

(Jane Williamson) #34

Our daughter has just’phoned to say that she now has dual nationality with Germany.

(Peter Goble) #35

Congratulations to all concerned! :champagne:

(Helen Wright) #36

It’s looking like “the U.K.” CAN cancel brexshit and stay in the EU…lawfully revoke article 50…

(Mandy Davies) #37

I’ve said it all along (even on here) but I’m going to whisper it very quietly… ssshhhh… Brexit will never happen… :crossed_fingers:

(Grahame J Pigney) #38

According to the Advocat General allocated to the case brought by the UK politicians the UK CAN unilaterally withdraw the Article 50 notice.

The Advocat General agreed with all the substantive points of the THree Knights Opinion that The Peoples Challenge commisioned nearly a year ago.

The Court of Justice of the EU is not obliged to follow the AG’s opinion but is very unusual that the an AG’s opinion is not concurred with.

There is more information on the Opinion from the AG, how the CJEU works and the THree Knights Opinion on this blog post.

CJEU AG agrees with THree Knights Opinion

(Mandy Davies) #39

Hello Grahame.

Is this you? If so, bravo!!!

(Grahame J Pigney) #40

Mandy we commissioned the Three Knights Opinion.

We didn’t have the necessary “standing” to be able to take it to the CJEU. The MPs, MSPs and MEPs did.

John Halford from Bindmans ,who led our legal work, and Gerrry Facenna QC, one of the authors of the Three Knights Challenge represented Chris Leslie MP and Tom Brake MP who intervened in the CJEU hearing and used the Three Knights arguments to very good effect.

Three Knights in Luxembourg