Can we do anything to stimulate the financial growth in France?

Barbara, we have a circle of French friends with whom we have supper. It is not meant to be an extravagant meal, but when it was my turn it looked so different. Homemade carrot soup, with carrots from the garden, followed by slow roast belly pork on a bed of lentils and veg and braised fennel, also from the garden. The crackling was a revelation and our friends had not thought of roasting belly pork, but enjoyed it so much that they could not manage the cheese. For pudding we had a chocolate tart with raspberry coulis, yet again the raspberries coming from the garden.

The most expensive part of the meal was the pork, which I found on promo, fed six of us, gave Jim and myself two more meals each and cost just under eight euros.

My point is that the French do not think out of the box, you have to show them and prove that it will not cost too much or be taxed too much.

I dare say they will be eating roast belly pork and not just using it for terrines.

Are you two related? You both seem to have the same writing style. I think we should be told!

Terrific Barbara!

Hope you can write up a few details/dates maybe, soon -

think of all the times when bringing a few people together -

in a project they feel inspired to take part in -

does far more than change the economy - it makes a start in changing the world.

Each of us can do it, with the entire world against the idea, if necessary.

There are always so many more ways than at first seem apparent -

to resolve every difficulty.

wish you all the best.

Keith going off topic....

As a question....why do we do it?

Are we flirting with idea of being rude?

Are we just a little lazy to direct the conversation to the correct channel?

Or is it something to do with this BOF stuff?


"The groaning, dreary and miserable comments" have not drained

my courage.

Thank goodness that not everyone thinks in the same way.

Together with some very good friends I am planning an activity for early

April next year.

It is exciting to be part of something which will stimulate the local economy

and bring people together for positive interaction.

Barbara Deane

That's almost exactly what I do - your plan - your idea.

Hope all the groaning, dreary and miserable comments didnt discourage you.

Im having a fabulous time just planning and thinking - and developing ideas a little tiny bit at a time -

sans support, sans approval .

(who needs it!) Yes we can do it and quite alone if necessary - I wish you all the luck in the world.

Strangely, years ago when the Chunnel first opened, we used to get a day return and do a 'booze cruise' to stock up on wine (which still remains about the only good value thing here) and then hit the hypermarket to stock up on cheap laundry soap, cheeses, etc.

Looks like it is now the reverse.

You write bof where in face to face conversation you would shrug & make a pffff noise while screwing your face up a bit ;-)

We get a lot of shopping from the UK, Germany and so on. I can see no good reason for paying over the top for goods and services that are usually inferior just because "it's France" big shrug, c'est comme ça. big shrug.


In IS hard to grasp. I thanks for putting it in a. nutshell, Andrew - I’ve just had an aha moment!


Yes, actually an important part of the picture that helped make France what it is today.

On a point of information Brian. De Gaulle was a member of the Provisional Government of France from 1944-46 which was charged with establishing the Fourth Republic. However he resigned from the government in January 1946 long before the first draft of the new constitution was put to and rejected by the people in a referendum in May 1946. A second draft was put to the people in October 1946 and accepted. De Gaulle remained in a strop at Colombey les Deux Eglises until the denouement of the Algerian War when he graciously condescended to become Prime Minister in 1958 and thus was enabled to establish the current Fifth Republic.

Ok, now I geddit! Don't think I've heard that before but :- Bof. BTW I prefer " I couldn't give a rats arse"

Hahaha, haven't heard 'couldn't give a monkey's' for years, but exactly the right expression.

haha! no it's not rude, more "not up to much", negative indifference, "couldn't give a monkey's"...

OMG, I think I've become too Frenchified. I didn't even notice the 'bof', but all too often I find myself googling the British abbreviations and acronyms.

I have & unless it means "bu**er off" you've got me. The trouble is I just couldn't imagine an apparently gentile lady like Veronique using such a phrase so that didn't occur to me :-)

we're les aveyronnais here in the Tarn even though we're only just across the border, they say ba plât for ça va whereas we say bô plât in the Aveyron...!

Yes Carole.

I have views but I am NOT an idiot....I know about the problems of the

world and even though I have my own problems I would like to help others if I can.

There should be no war of words.