Can you cut grass on a Sunday?

It's nothing to do with religion, it's to do respect to others and noise pollution on a traditional family day of rest and meal/siesta times during the week Try living in Italy, it's even worse - for example on holiday camp sites it's forbidden to play ball games or drive your car on site between 12 and 4pm normally.

The official hours are published at your Mairie, we are also sent a reminder every Spring in the commune newspaper.

It is only during drought periods you can't wash the car at home. The car washes all recycle their water so don't use as much.

First good laugh of the day there Carl. I had visions of cattle (large herds hereabouts) with gags on and wearing bovine slippers on the way into the milking parlours :-D

Noise of any kind is banned on Sundays here in north 22.

Only between 12 and 2pm Christophe, or after 7pm with special permission!!!!!!!

Can we still eat le rosbif on a Sunday, or has that too be outlawed?

Precisely the point, especially given that Saturday is a normal working day for a lot of people.

Is it a religious reason though Bruce? As I mentioned above, France is supposed to be a secular society, with total separation of Church and State. Seems to be a rule to supposedly protect the sensibilities of the majority, which is, in fact, penalising that very majority from getting on with their lives as they would wish.

A local rule, or is it a central law, that seems to be ignored, so why bother having it. Nanny state and all that!!

Another case of how we atheists are discriminated against! Still, I suppose if it were in Israel, it'd be Saturday, or Iran on Friday. Good job we can take advantage of religious public holidays then!

because it's your only day off... ;-)

I cut mine yesterday as Sunday afternoon is the only time I have off - no choice even though I am aware of the restrictions.

yep and that applies to everywhere in Germany - more to do about saving water though ;-)

It obviously totally depends on where you live - esp. judging from some of the comments on the FB page where some people make their communes sound like something from 'Whiskey Galore" with everyone respecting the sabbath....

Round here most of the neighbours are 22-55, go to work and Sunday is the one day when they are can cut the grass, pressure wash the drive, trim the hedge etc. etc etc. Everyone gets on with it and there's no issue!

This seems like another French contradiction. A day of rest, but France is a secular society. Sunday is the one day surely when most working people have the time to cut the grass, wash the car, make that new shutter or whatever DIY needs doing,


You are not supposed to make noise on Sunday..It goes from cutting the grass to drilling, hammering etc... It's rest day... ;)

If anybody in our two neighbouring hamlets and the nearby houses obeyed this then when would a son-in-law who normally works turn up to cut large lawn, etc? If we can't play with our power tools why can young people roam the forest on two stroke motor bikes and hunters make inordinate amounts of noise during the season? Too many contradictions, so don't bother as a rule. Yesterday afternoon we went up to the glass bank in the village (forbidden on Sundays, but...) drove past a councillor with his strimmer, another on his mower, a further one cutting back trees with a chainsaw and then the mayor himself cutting a hedgerow. As one might assume, a community leads by example.

I was so astonished about the garden equipment I forgot Kevin had mentioned washing the car. Heck, I'm in serious do-do. Is there anything else I shouldn't have been doing since we moved here...?

Actually I'm confused now. If you're not allowed to wash the car, why do they sell car shampoo, chamois etc? And what's the reasoning behind the ban? You can attack your patio etc with a power washer (I wish I had one - looks fun) but can't wash the dust off the motor?

Really? You can't wash your own car? Oops!

I had absolutely no idea about that! And there was I today hurtling round with the mower and the strimmer - both petrol - for at least two hours. I must have done it at least a dozen times. Sunday is usually my only 'day off' and the best chance I get to attack the garden. I will have to rethink...