Can you ever have too many books?

(Wendy Wise) #1

Well yes…click here to find out more!

(Ruth Deborah Rey) #2

I agree. I find it shocking that nobody even came to have a look at the books. Books are so important, today but also in 200 years. Books are history.

(Jane Williamson) #3

With the sort of books she has found I would have thought someone would be interested to come out, even if they are in the sticks!!

(Wendy Wise) #4

It’s awful to think of first editions and so on going up in smoke and I can see why she did it…but 30 tons!

(Karen Parr) #5

I was going to answer “NO” but, after reading this, perhaps it’s a warning to keep the book stash under control!

(jayne watkins) #6

All I can say is BIZARRE! I love books but when I’ve read them I pass them on - maybe get them back later when I’ve forgotten them though!!