Can you name a country?

(Richard Carpenter) #21

I listen to American local radio stations and this morning there was an ad for a charity. They state that one in eight families in the state of Michigan struggle to put food on the table. I am guessing that those families won’t be over concerned with geography or travel needing passports.

(Teresa Shipley) #22

Unfortunately that statistic could apply to many countries. Just been listening to a poor lady on Womans hour. I didn’t realise but if a landlord asks you to leave a property the council insist that you stay until you are evicted otherwise you are considered to have intentionally become homeless.
Therefore this woman had to put her furniture in storage. She is living in a hostel with 2 children and the council will not give her a home until she pays her storage bill and she only has the storage bill because of the council!
Sometimes I despair of the human race.

(Timothy Cole) #23

I love the country and would like to spend more time there if my OH would let me but I’m acutely aware that it’s got so many problems such as increasing poverty and access to basic healthcare for millions.

If you speak to people they really don’t know much about anywhere outside the US because what happens in the rest of the world rarely affects their day to day lives.

(Peter Juselius) #24

Most of my friends go to Disney world or -land with the kids and then later in life to Las Vegas, year after year. Very convenient and whatnot. Maybe an effect of having only a one week/10 days vacation per year.

(Teresa Shipley) #25

Yes. Americans have surprisingly short holiday entitlements. Even at Christmas I think they just have 2 days.
Us Europeans are lucky, although perhaps the UK might get a shock if we align ourselves more to the US.

(Paul Flinders) #26

Like much in the 'states work-life balance is available only to the rich.

(Roger Bruton) #27

You don’t need a passport to invade somewhere. :smiley:

(Heather Thompson) #28

Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!