Can you name this router bit/profile?

I need to replace some skirtings to match this one but I can’t find a router bit to create the same profile, any idea what it is called or where I can find one (1/8 inch ideally)?


I reckon you might need to do 2 cuts, maybe a bowl cutter and a bull nose. Probably a bit of a PITA as never seen a combo, but maybe it exists somewhere.:thinking:

Yes I was thinking I might have to resort to a double cut

Unfortunately there are about a gazillion patterns out there.

It is possible to get custom router bits made but if it is just a short section I think Mark has the best suggestion of doing it with two cuts.

I need around 50 meters of it!

Maybe try getting some bespoke skirting done - if you Google “bespoke skirting board” there are companies that can do custom profiles (probably in France as well but I don’t know what to google for in French).

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Something like this:
Fraises à arrondir demi rond avec roulement
Fraise profilée

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