Can you run a business from your house?

I have noticed that the Mairie will do a photocopy for you for 10c, but there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the village where you can get documents printed or scanned. I thought about offering this as a service. Won't make millions but might cover the cost of the odd glass of wine! However, if I were to do this back in Ireland, the local council would pounce upon me for running a business from the house and charge me rates, etc.

Is there any reason why I can't stick a little notice in the window offering "Printing, copying, scanning" (and what is the word for "scan" and PDF in French)?

I'm thinking Ryanair here, by the way. Lose your boarding pass, and they will charge you €40 at the airport to print it for you. This happened to a neighbour and I gave them internet access so they could log in and reprint the boarding pass. So, it got me thinking, why not offer this service.

Yes youy can Sheila as you're an AE and your business address is your home address. the taxe professionnelle was abolished a couple of years ago and almost immediately replaced by the CFE. AEs are exempt for the first three years, from the fourth year onwards you'll be paying cfe - a professional property tax on your house. This ranges from 200 to 2000€ acording to the property and the commune ;-)

numériser or scanner, convertir en pdf

You can use "numériser" for scan and for pdf, you say "Faire un pdf" (pay day eff).

You can run a business from your house yes and charge some of the area you use back as a business cost. But there are better qualified people than I on here to advise.

Hi Sheila,

I think you might be able to do that under your AE "hat" because there's a category (which I opted for in the end because it seemed to cover more the type of thing I do) which includes "document preparation, other services and photocopy" or something similar.