Can you suggest websites to help with learning/speaking French?

Is there any site which can help in speaking french…???

Duolingo and Memrise are free although they do offer subscription to ‘higher’ level modules. Not bad for an introduction but I have found a few doubtful errors but I didn’t pay so what the heck.

One I did like was Frantastique but it is far too expensive for me although the trial of a couple of lessons really impressed me.
All three are available online.

Not a website but an online resource, ‘Learning French with daily podcasts. Louis from Dailyfrenchpod’.
These are short three to five minute podcasts that cover everyday topics plus grammar and vocabulary. Great for listening to spoken French and answering comprehension questions. Free and fun.

Openlearn from the Open University offer free courses in French

Good luck

"Lingvist"is worth a try too, and it’s also free. is good. Much of the content is available for free and there are lessons at beginner, intermediate and advance level. The fact that you can listen to the spoken French is very good if it is “speaking” that you are interested in.

I would highly recommend Alexia on YouTube. Just key in ‘Alexia Learn French’ in the search engine on YouTube. You will find hundreds of lessons on there starting from basic to complex!

Thank you everyone for your valuable information. …thank a lot…:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Which country are you in ??

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Where in France are you doing your masters? Maybe you need something a bit more advanced than Delf A2 if your masters is in French ?

I’m from India…i am pursuing B.E third year…on march 15…i have delf A2 exam…after that i will prepare for b1 then…at end of 4 year i will be applying for universities…

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I used to use ‘Rocket French’

I have actually created a list of online places where you can learn French for free, I hope you find it useful: Learn French for Free

Kwiziq ( is good for grammar up to C1 level and has some listening exercises as well. Free for up to 10 tests per month.

Thanks a lot…