Can you tell me about a lovey hotel near Carcassone

We are having a few days away after the summer season and are looking for a really

nice place to stay somewhere outside Carcassone....maybe 15 mins from the city,

Any ideas please?

Thank you...

That looks nice but going a little too far off course.

I am picky!!!

Trying to book...perhaps Domain Michaud at Roullen.

Well in that case Barbara :

A bit further out but just lovely :-)

Pauline I looked at the chateau with interest. It is a majestic property and indications

lead to to understand that groups of a 100 or more would be both welcome and fitting.

I suppose I prefer boutique type b and b and hotel which brings into the picture modern

day style and comforts.

I live in Montolieu. The restaurant/B and B is called "Les Anges au Plafond"

If you want luxury, contact my friend, Sabine, at the Chateau de Pennautier, five minutes from Carcassonne, on the way to Montolieu. Luxury rooms, restaurant, wine bar, winery etc. Look up the website.

But the cooking at Domain de Auriac looks very tempting.
A night there would cost more than 500 euros with dinner....

Thank you all.

We prefer to be away from the city.

Forgive me all but every aspect of a holiday is so important

to me and functional never appeals. I like the second suggestion from

Celeste. I like the idea of being in a village for a day.

We will be staying by the sea at Aguqblava so the contrast will be very

pleasant. I had looked at the third place mentioned too.

Le Domaine d'Auriac just a stones throw from La Cité:

Beat me to it, Celeste! Balladins at Point Rouge, modern, functional, friendly but then again I'm biased...! ;-)