Canal +

Anyone help on this one.

We have Canal sat and subscribe to the sports, film etc, but yesterday all the channels went HD only. I phoned Canal + to cancel subscription and she said I could not until September. She said she would activate HD and it would cost an extra 5 euros a month. I said that my TV is not HD, but she insistedthat I hada contract to September. When I suggestedthat it waswrong that I paid 33 euros a month for channels I cannot receive, she suggested that it was my responsibility to ensure that I had the right equipment ie buy a new TV. i tried to insist that as their part of the contract they should supply the channels in aformat I can receive, she was having none of it Help anyone

Can,t really help you very much John, all I know is Canal Sat are terrible when it comes to problems. I tried to cancel once and they wouldn,t let me, you can only cancel at the end of each year with them…if you see what I mean.I hope someone else can advise you.