Cancellation of Artist Registration

Hello all,

I registered in 2011 for an Activité Artistique, using a Déclaration de Début d'Activité (Personne Physique) form, to sell oil paintings. Unfortunately not a lot has happened :(

I was told at the time that after an unknown period of time (2years, 3 years?) I might receive a statement for CFE (taxe profesionelle). As I am not selling paintings, I don't want to have to pay CFE. Can anyone tell me how to go about cancelling this registration?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Suzy! I'm not actually sure what regime I'm under either but I know it was not through the MDA. This was a form to take to the impots office to be legally able to sell art, similar to regestering as an AE. It was what I was advised to do by a service that helps English speaking people out when you first arrive.

Hello Robin,

I'm an artist in La maison des artistes regime.I googled your question and on the MDA site it states as artists we dont pay taxe professionelle. I remember when I moved to my present commune,from the one 1km away,I was sent a demand to pay it.When I asked at the impots office why I should pay it when I had worked the previous 10yrs without,they replied that each commune decides for themselves!!!! I had to take along a paper to point out the law regarding artists. Dont know what regime you're under but hope this helps.