Cancelled school trips because of terrorism fears

Our 12 yr old was due to go to both Italy and Spain on school trips. They have both been cancelled because the head "does not want to take the responsibility after Paris attentats"; in one case it was joint with another school who are still going.

I can't see an ounce, sorry 28.5gms of logic in this. None at all. What a £$%^*.

Au contraire I know at least one of the teachers is right narked.

Perhaps it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back. Why should any teacher take responsibility for an extra curricular trip if they feel uncomfortable about it. Any trip, even a local one is a huge responsibility, a residential trip at a time of increased terrorist activity even more so. Chill out, other opportunities will arrive.

Can you explain why this is prudent ? In what way do the Paris attacks make a trip to spain any more dangerous than staying in town?

I can understand the head's prudent point of view. As parents we have far greater flexibility on assessing risk. We live in the Pas de Calais and I am on the Conseil d'administration for my son's collège. Last week I attended a meeting where the budget was presented - including the one for school trips, including 2 to the UK. When I raised the question of whether they would be maintained the head looked at me as if I had two heads - it was a teacher that defended me saying it was right to have been raised. I also questioned them as to whether they had considered the most appropriate way of travel across the Channel given the Calais situation - this time I had 3 heads! The response was that the rectorat had given no specific guidelines re Calais and that trips were authorised on a case by case basis with consultation with the rectorat.

OK, if not go on them then certainly be rid of the responsibility at the very least, either way an excuse. One of my daughter's college's director has changed things teachers used to do, such as English and German teachers showing films in the language they are teaching at the end of each term, right now it would be Christmas themed. That seems like a great idea to me. The director who left last year encouraged that. But no, now it is forbidden with the reason the children do not have enough sport on their timetable! What has one to do with the other? A deviation from your question but nonetheless an example of the competence of some heads. Their decisions sometimes defy belief.

I don't think there was ever any question of the head coming along on the trips if that was what you meant.

If your hypothesis is correct that is unutterably awful to capitalise on such a horror to your own advantage is w r o n g.

Our teacher mate said she thought that the line about responsibility didn't surprise her, but then she's no fan of her head or the high-ups. I think I'll write a polite enquiry to the head.

I was sure I replied to this yesterday but my comment does not appear to be here. Anyway, what I said was that I suspect this school director does not really want to go on those trips, therefore the Paris attacks are providing a perfect excuse so that he/she does not have to justify this decision with anything more than those few words. Both of my daughters' colleges are treating life as normal and planned trips are going ahead, never having been put on hold, cancelled or whatever other 'excuse' might have arisen. One of the ironies is that use of buses for trips was suspended in some places but, as far as I can make out, the numerous school buses in the morning and evening were not. That seems contradictory to me, no doubt that head would not agree.

our school trip to a local literacy festival was cancelled too as buses were not allowed to be used but that was the week after the attacks, I think its all back to normal again now.