Cancelling contract de protection juridique

We have a contract de protection juridique that was sold to us ten years ago. It renews annually. I want to cancel it. I know there are standard letters that can be downloaded for cancelling house insurance, but can I use one for the protection juridique contract, or does that have to be worded differently?

the same letters apply, just the details change… your policy should tell you about cancelling… or at least you should find how to cancel on the renewal notice I think… why not contact the Insurer and talk things through…

Thank you Stella.

The last cancellation notice arrived after the date of cancellation. :smiley:

Our original broker sadly died, and we were assigned to a new one who has been extremely rude and unhelpful and has in the past refused to accept cancellations from another insurer, which has resulted in them having to deal directly with the insurance company. He is not a man with whom to talk things through. This is the last policy I hold with him and I am looking forward to bringing it to an end. So I want to make sure I follow the correct procedure so that he cannot refuse to cancel it.

Actually, Susie… I’m not so sure you should tell the Broker you want to cancel… surely it has to go to the Insurance company themselves… :thinking:

No, it has to go through the broker.

When I cancelled the previous policies, and he refused to accept the cancellations, I had to complain to the insurance company, and they sorted it out.

I wrote to them at the end of last year saying I would be cancelling the remaining policy and they replied that it had to be done through the broker who had sold it to me.

gracious… that is contrary to the insurance policies I have… ah well… so be it…

Do you arrange your policies at one of the offices of the insurance company, or through an independent broker?

I’ve dealt with both scenarios…

and the information for cancellation is within each of the contracts …

I’ll send cancellation notice to both and hope the broker won’t be as obstructive as he has been previously. :slight_smile:

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Might be an idea to mark each letter with something like “copy also sent to…” (in French of course) then each side knows that the other has got a letter toooo.

Yes, I shall be doing that. And sending them both recorded delivery. :slight_smile:

The previous broker spoke immaculate English and had a very wide English client base. The man who took over after his death doesn’t speak any English, and I suspect that many British clients moved elsewhere because of that, and that is why he is so unpleasant.

I moved my insurances elsewhere because they give me a far better deal, not because I can’t speak French.

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