Cancelling internet service with free

I am trying to cancel my internet service with free as I switched to Orange a few months back and have been paying for both since I am too stupid/lazy to figure out how to properly cancel. I know I have to send in the cancellation letter, this I have no problem with. However, I also need to return the equipment (a cable box called “freebox” and a modem of sorts). Has anyone does this before? Am I allowed to simply return the equipment to the free store/boutique or do I have to somehow ship it to them? That seems like it would be quite expensive, no?


It will be a lot more expensive if you don’t send it as they will charge you a massive fee for the modem !
You are already paying for two lots of equipement !! Must have lots of money :wink:

Here is their site that explains how to go about it … Procéder à la résiliation de votre abonnement Freebox - Démarches administratives - Assistance Free

Info for anyone else changing internet suppliers - don’t do what Tony did :roll_eyes:

Your new operator will normally handle the cancellation of your old contract and the transfer of the line etc (keeping your old number). They will also pick up the tab (or at least a portion of it) for any cancellation fees you may incur from your old operator.

Just like changing mobile phone operators. Easy.

Hi Tony, please can you change your profile to include your full name.

Yes i know it will be expensive to keep the equipment and i dont plan to. The issue with that page, which ive already seen, is that it requires you call that 4 digit number and i dont have a free phone anymore so i dont think it will work from my current (orange) phone.

I am definitely not recommending what i did and sorry if it came off that way. I did have my mobile line transferred without issue and its precisely because all i had to do was sign up with the new carrier (orange) to cancel the old plan (it was without contract). Cancelling the internet service for the home was more challenging for me.

Not at all Tony - I just want to help others avoid making the same, unnecessary mistake! Just one of those things :wink:

What I didn’t quite understand however was the fact that 2 different providers are effectively operating on, and charging for, the same line??? Unless of course you have more than one! The other thing that struck me was that Free & Orange share the same infrastructure as far as fixed line services go…

I am paying for two internet services but just one cell phone service. Their infrastructure is not really the same for internet as my new building had orange fiber already installed but nothing for free so i switched.

I transferred from Free to Orange a couple of years ago and I remember packing up the box and bits they asked for, and taking them to a local delivery point from which they were collected without any charge to me.

In fact, when I got home I realised I had packed a bit of kit I should have kept to link up my new Livebox.:slightly_frowning_face:

I hared it back to the delivery point and asked the bloke if I could unpack the box and retrieve the essential truc. He gave me a ghostly ‘dèja vu’ smile, and all was saved! :upside_down_face:

The Livebox has been 100% better than the Freebox, more responsive,
much more reliable, and easy to problem-solve.

Coincidentally we received a call from Bouygues telling us that we would have a new Bbox waiting for us at the reasonably local Maison de la Presse tomorrow. Apparently the old one is obsolete.