Cancelling the property taxes

Having sold our cottage hopefully complete 24/05/2024 we now need to know when the time comes how to cancel the property taxes. We live close to Chalus where the tax office was it is now closed. Not speaking French are unsure how to go about it. Any advice most welcome.

Have you mentioned to our Mairie that your property is changing hands??

(I know that often Sellers and Buyers (and folk just looking…) do talk with our Mairie to keep them abreast of what is happening…)

Your Mairie will certainly be able to advise you who to notify etc…

You talk to the notaire in first instance. But you are still liable for this year, so also need to see if the new owners will agree pro-rata for rest of year.

But essentially you can log into your espace particulier and then the biens immobilier tab and declare the change. Or go to the nearest France Services and talk to them about it.

If you don’t speak any French, France Services will probably either be incredibly helpful (you got a young/ish person) or completely unable to help. But worth finding out which!

We and many of our foreign friends have found them invaluable when dealing with sticky or anomalous bits of French bureaucracy.

Many thanks for all your replies

Property taxes are no( cancelled as such, it is a question of making sure they are sent to the right person at the right address. The 2024 taxes will be sent to you in any case towards the end of this year so you need to make sure the tax office has the correct address to send them to. Then it is a matter of the tax office updating its records to show the change in owner before the next lot of tax bills is issued. It can take a while for records to get officially updated but if the sale is completed in May 2024 they should have got their act together by October 2025.