Cannot see my posts

sorry to be a bore, but once again I have submitted a post and cannot see it.

I submitted the post about AE payments to the RSI and the percentages used, a few days ago and there has been zero response. Furthermore I have not been notified of the post going live.

This is not the first time this has happened and I would love to know what I am doing wrong.

How soon after making the post should I see it go live?



thanks for that Andrew. I am sure you are correct about the "official site" but I was using SFN as a shortcut through the blurb.


my deleted emails box is emtied at the end of the day so no trace of the notification :-( but I do remember seeing the post ;-)

Yes, that's the one I remember seeing but I can't find it either, James...? Geoff, stick with it, the site works very well with, as you say, lots of good info, help and general discussion ;-)

ps - the official site has everything you need

not sure James but it would have been something like "AE payments to RSI".

If Andrew did indeed see it then could he perhaps find notification of it in his deleted mail folder?

The strange thing is - the topic was so potentially popular (imho) that I would have anticipated an avalanch of responses - yet there was not a single one.

Of course when this happened the previous time and I sent out a "test" posting - then of course that worked perfectly. (It reminds me of some quantum physics experiments which change their behavour when being observed!)

I too am baffled



No I understand, quite baffling though, especially as Andrew says he saw it. If it was published then the only people that could have deleted it are you, me and Catharine. As none of us did that would point to a site issue but it's not one that I can find any other reports of.

Do you recall the title of the post?

Thanks for your suggestion but I always use firefox James - and I don't want to appear rude, but I am no novice to forums either. I must be missing something though.



I have not come across this before Geoff. The only suggestion I can make, although not strictly related to your issue but more to the behaviour of SFN generally is to use the Firefox web browser when visiting the site. Certain Microsoft browsers do not perform very well with our platform.

Available here

I am pretty sure it was under general discussions, however I cannot be sure - I may have made an error.

Furthermore when I click on "my discussions" as James suggested, it is not there.

I need to get to the bottom of this if I am to reap the benefits of the excellent SFN.

This is not the first time this has happened so I must be doing something wrong.

The post was indeed about the filling in of the RSI returns and yes, the different tax rates for sales & services.

If this is the post you saw Andrew, I wonder why I did not see it when it became live - and why I cannot see it now under "my discussions"

I remember seeing it, Geoff, but didn't have time to reply - did you post it in the auto entrepreneur group or for general discussion. Was the question relating to services -v- sales ?

If you post a discussion it will go live immediately, if you post a a blog it requires the approval of a member of the admin team before it will go live.

You can see everything that you have posted on your own page by clicking on your name, or YOU in the nav menu at the top, or here

Hope that helps?