Can't find ORZO pasta

Bonjour pop pickers ( remember him? Jimmy Young. Or was it Tony Blackburn? ‘Here’s the recipe for today folks’.)
I can’t find ORZO pasta but have found what looks like it PUTINE.
Ever heard of it? Can’t find out anything about it.
Any road says pasta on the packet - so all good in the hood for dinner tonight. A Miguel Barclay recipe. That man has saved my sanity for ideas.

neither… it was Alan Freeman :wink:
pop pickers obituary

ORZO: - no idea…


I think it’s PUNTINE. Looks similar. Nigella uses the Orzo. You can buy it online here.

had a good laugh at that. no-one will ever be able to tell if I have dementia. had the symptoms from birth.
poor AF didnt he die in a Home or something?
did you see the oz film rip off of the boat that rocks? what a turkey.

had a good laugh at that too - no wonder i couldn’t find anything about putine (except for Vladimir)
merci bien

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Coincidentally I was looking for Orzo at the weekend. Couldn’t find it, so settled on Barilla brand small pasta called Trofie, which worked fine despite being a bit bigger.

And a far better man than either the housewife’s choice Jimmy Young or the halfwit’s choice Tony Blackburn.

Hi Pamela,
I used to get my Orzo from Grand Frais, but haven’t seen it in there for some time. I have though managed to find this in B&M (formerly Babou) just as good. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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