Can't open files in Documents

(Ann Cook) #1

I have a fairly new computer which has Windows 8.1 installed and today noticed that I can't open any of my files in Documents, I just get the blue cursor spinning round and round. Also the Start button in the Task Bar freezes and I have to shut down and restart to clear the screen.

I'm a complete numpty when it comes to IT so if anybody can help please explain in very easy steps.

(Ann Cook) #2

Don't quite understand your reply Carl ??

I have found a wy of making new folders but if I use the right click everything freezes up

(Carl Alban) #3


(Ann Cook) #4

Ok I can now open the files but can't make a New Folder

(Ann Cook) #5

Just normal spreadsheets and letter, nothing special

(Carl Alban) #6

What sort of documents are we talking about?

(Ann Cook) #7

Hi Shelia

I have been using the documents fine and went to do something today and now I just get the spinning cursor, the only way out of the File Explorer is to click the red cross to close it.

(Sheila Walshe-Blackmore) #8

HI Ann

What programmes did you use on the former computer to create your documents? You will need to install those on new computer.