Capital hike brings Air France under government's wing

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Joint statement here from Bruno le Maire et al on the future of the group Air France - KLM.

Reaction from Ryanair

Doesn’t that contravene the EU’s own anti-competition laws?

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So cleared, it would seem.

I smell fish!

You’re a day too early Philip… it’s fish Friday tomorrow :yum:

So much for a level playing field.

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whatever do you mean @dickturpin

It’s probably wafting over from the British ports where it’s all rotting due to Boris’ deal.



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Meanwhile, the UK is moving to further incentivise short-haul domestic flights. Appalling.

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In terms of area, its the difference between France and the UK, equivalent to taking a flight from Sandown to Bembridge on the IoW :grinning:
btw, what’s happened to Boris’ bird… gone quiet on that front of late…