Car Certificat d'immatriculation (ex-carte grise) Cost?

Can anyone advise me how much I should have to pay to get my car registered in France as I was at the Prefecture today attempting to get my car registered.

It is a 1900cc diesel vauxhall zafira, first registered in April 2010 and I bought it in Sept 2011.

Had all the relevant paperwork such as certificate of conformity and a form from the tax/treasurer office to say no tax should be paid. The woman behind the desk seemed to be having great trouble entering info into the computer then finally said I needed to pay 575 euros! Pourqoui? (Why?) I asked as I was a little shocked by the excessive amount and by then I had already decided she did not really know what she was doing. She got other staff involved and still no other figure given. After 30 minutes of this I decided I was not going to be ripped off so easily and just grabbed all the paperwork off the desk and bid my farewell! (Probably followed by a few of the cleaner expletives on the way out)

I believe they use the CO2 and year of manufacture to do the alculation.

Can anyone tell me what they paid for vehicles with similar engine size?


I did a calculation on a website and it said I should have been charged 240 euros.

As the vehicle emissions are quite low.

See here...

Thanks for any responses

Hi Howard, I just joined the group so this answer may be a trifle late. One IMPORTANT point re number plates.

They must be fixed to the car with rivets! It is illegal in France to simply screw them on - in case you do the James Bond revolving number plates trick!!

Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated.

Well I went to the Mayenne Prefecture in Laval again today and got it registered in France and a new French registration number. This time I was with a member of staff who knew exactly what she was doing.

To prepare others doing the same thing / shock, the total cost was 495 euros for a 9cv car. Which was 351 euros for the car plus a 144 euros Eco-Tax which bumped it up quite a bit! But still less than the 575 euros I was quoted last time.

Not sure were the 144 euros charge comes from as online quote providers do not add this amount.
They said my Carte Gris card will arrive in about 3 days.

So now I need to get some number plates but am not quite sure when I actually need to change them over.

Where are the best / cheapest places to get the plates from? I noticed some online websites where you can buy them from.

It is to do with the Puissance Fiscale. Unfortunately I have a Golf GTI T and once I found out how much it was going to cost me to get French plates, I decided I would never switch it over.

(Does anyone have a link or site or table for calculating Puissance Fiscale, i.e. if an engine is, e.g., 2.5 L Diesel Turbo, how do I work out its Puissance Fiscale? No don't tell me what that Puissance Fiscale is, I need the table and / or link, so I can find it myself. Another great French conundrum. Go on, why doesn't someone patronise me and tell me that it is in fact all perfectly logical and makes perfect sense ...)

Hi Howard. I had to re-register my French built Renault Twingo Kenzo as it had been previously registered in Perpignan, so here in the Aude (11) it cost me €226.50. I went to the Mairie to get it done and she incorrectly calculated the amount so I originally paid €270.50. Sorry I can't help with size of engine details, etc. I get in and turn the ignition key. :-)

My 2006 Honda CRV (7CV) cost me 480€ in 2010 here in the Rhone

My 1968 cc VW Passat, 6 cv fiscaux, cost me €210.50 back in 2009. My 999 cc VW UP!, 3 cv fiscaux, cost me €138.5 last July. This is in Lozere.

It will depends on the Dépt you are in and the Puissance Fiscale. Try looking on your Prefecture's website, it should be listed (at least it is for the Rhone -69 )