Car crashes into the house for the 5th time

Five times… that house has been almost demolished by crashing vehicles… unlucky… or what… ???

I couldn’t see myself able to continue to live in the same place after that happened to me. Well, okay maybe I would suppose something like, “What are the odds of that happening again…” and so I might stay and endure a second time. But I think my psyche might be damaged. That’s a lot of post-traumatic stress…

What would life be like, for someone whose house was crashed into like that?

I guess the concept of the solidity and security of ‘home’ would be profoundly disconnected.

I don’t imagine you would have much choice.
I wouldn’t want to buy a house with such a history.

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It must surely be about time a crash-barrier was erected on the bend where this house sits… :thinking:

As you say, Jane… who would want to buy the property at the moment… and run the risk of these accidents continuing.

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