Car Insurance in France for UK car

I don’t think this is possible, but would I be able to insure my UK registered car with a French insurance company? John

Have you checked the threads about “foreign” cars ??

Hi John…

I may have misunderstood… do you mean, Insure it here in France while you are in the throes of changing to French registration for the vehicle ???

Hi @johneliot, what you describe is possible but there are many catchs to know before doing that:

  1. Buying a car from the UK and importing it to France => Definitely possible, the vehicle has to be insured in the UK first (while registered under British plates) and once you have the French registration (carte grise) change the insurance for a French one (I can help with that of course ;-))
  2. Time frame => The importation process (including MOT in France, paperwork, etc.) has to be done within 3 months (otherwise it’s highly unlikely that your British insurer will still insure the vehicle)
  3. Driver license => You can drive in France using your British license as long as it’s the plastic one bearing the European flag on it
  4. Insuring a vehicle in France with a French company => As long as you have a French address (even mailbox but basically an address where the car is parked and where the insurer can send you some mail) you can insurer the vehicle in France
  5. Get a fair discount on a French policy => That’s the trick part, as you might already know, we French tend to be quite picky about the paperwork so every French insurer will require some formal evidence of pas history so something like an attestation of no-claims and ideally tracing back 13 years worth of NCB to get the maximum discount in France.

Hope this is helpful?

Thank you for the reply both of you. So I have to ‘import’ the car insured and then insure it here? John

John… is the car registered in your name in UK… or are you buying a car in UK??

2 different scenarios…

Registered in my name in the UK.

If you already have vehicle insurance here I can see no reason why your French insurer wouldn’t insure a UK reg vehicle if the intention was to import to France and then re-register, I did this in November without any problems.